Abortion Is Murder (If Not One of the Worst Forms of Murder)

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Abortion is murder and this can be proven scientifically. The ‘personhood is what counts’ objection to this can be refuted in two ways. The first is by showing how a complete version of this counter argument actually proves the exact opposite and the second is by showing how it becomes irrelevant when we consider what murder is in more detail. Finally, I shall bring five reasons why abortion is one of the worst forms of murder and as a bonus highlight an aspect of abortion that makes it even worse.

So there’s a lot to do.

But before we continue, I feel it’s only right to acknowledge those of you whose heads are about to explode after reading just the title and first paragraph. I understand that being triggered is a serious issue in this day and age but let me completely reassure you that it’s not the purpose of this article. It’s an automatic consequence of idiots hearing things they don’t like.

Abortion Is Murder: The Science of a Fertilised Egg

According to science, human life begins at fertilisation because at that time you have a “genetically distinct, individuated zygotic living human organism”.

A fertilised egg has all the criteria science requires to establish biological life: metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli and reproduction.

And it’s not merely another one of the mother’s living cells, as it also has the two criteria science requires to distinguish one cell from another: a different composition and behaviour. A fertilised egg has a unique molecular composition which, while containing the components of the sperm and egg that created it, is distinct from both, and it behaves differently from them as the goal of both sperm and egg is to fuse while this new cell works to prevent any further fusion.

Furthermore, a fertilised egg is not like other parts of the body for example the kidney or arm which are also living human cells, because it’s an organism.

Science defines an organism as: a complex structure of interdependent elements that acts in a coordinated manner to carry on the activities of life by separately functioning but mutually dependent organs. In other words, although a cell which is the basic unit of a living organism, exhibits the activities of cellular life, it doesn’t engage in coordinated interaction to sustain the life of the entity as a whole or achieve a higher level of organisation. An organism, which is a discrete and complete living thing, does.

Scientifically speaking there is no way out. A fertilised egg is a life and abortion is the ending of that life.

Abortion is murder.

The ‘Personhood Is What Counts’ Objection

Some Pro-Abortionists concede to the science and agree that human life does indeed begin at fertilisation. But they argue that the important point is not when life begins but when personhood begins.

Now, the definition of personhood is extremely vague and imprecise. No seriously, I typed, ‘personhood definition’ into google and got, ‘the quality or condition of being an individual person’. Ok. Fine, my fault. So then I typed, ‘definition of person’ and google told me it’s, ‘a human being regarded as an individual’. I looked up both, ‘human being’ (google’s response: of the species Homo Sapiens) and, ‘individual’ (google’s response: a single human being) and I was no clearer as to the difference between ‘person’ and ‘human life’.

In fact, as there didn’t seem to be anything to this personhood, other than being a human being and member of the species i.e. a human life, it seemed to me that the personhood argument fell apart before it even started.

But then I tried Wikipedia and that was a bit more helpful:

“A person is a being that has certain capacities or attributes such as reason, morality, consciousness or self-consciousness”.

(No, you can’t point at Leftists and argue that since they can’t reason they’re therefore not people. They can reason, it’s just that they choose not to because they think it makes them morally superior.)

So the personhood counter argument is that a fertilised egg may be a human life but it certainly has no, “reason, morality, consciousness or self-consciousness” and cannot be defined as a person. And presumably the whole murder being a no no is only for persons and not mere human life, so you can’t claim that abortion is murder.

Proving the Personhood Counter Argument Correct

Now some Pro-Lifers may want to counter the personhood counter argument to the abortion is murder argument, by pointing out that its totally arbitrary and convenient to decide that murder is wrong for something that’s a person but not for something that’s merely life.

But the fact of the matter is that the personhood argument is correct.

To be clear, I’m not saying that Pro-Abortionists accept the personhood argument because it’s correct. For all I know they accept it arbitrarily and conveniently because it allows them to believe that abortion isn’t murder. I’m saying that even if they accept it arbitrarily and conveniently because it allows them to believe that abortion isn’t murder, they have this time, inadvertently, accepted an argument that happens to be correct.

This why the personhood argument is correct.

The mere fact that something is a life does not automatically mean killing it would be wrong.

After all, we kill cockroaches because they disgust us, spiders because they scare us, mice because it’s not healthy to have them running around all over the place and cows because they taste nice when you take their meat, rub it all over with a good lug of oil, season it with sea salt and black pepper and cook it for six minutes for a medium-rare steak .

No, killing is wrong when the life you’re ending has a high degree of value. When the life has the capacity for say, “reason, morality, consciousness or self-consciousness”.

In other words, a person.

The Rest of the Personhood Argument Proves Abortion Is Murder

There’s a slight problem with the personhood argument.

And that is there are certain human beings who do not possess the characteristics necessary for being considered a person, but who it would still be wrong to kill. For example, newborns up until about six months.

I mean obviously Pro-Abortionists will argue that personhood starts precisely at the moment of birth so you can’t kill a newborn, but not a second earlier so you can kill a foetus. But without any evidence pointing to the reasoning abilities, morality, consciousness or self-consciousness of a newborn that didn’t exist ten minutes ago while it was still in the birth canal, the basis of this decision, will have to be arbitrariness and convenience at such a ridiculously high level that it’s transparently self-serving.

What is it that makes it wrong to kill newborns despite the fact that they are not people?


A newborn despite not being a person is also a life with a high degree of value. And the high degree of value is that it will become a person with reason, morality, consciousness or self-consciousness. Its specialness is not because of what it is (cuteness is not the specialness we’re talking about) but because of what it will become.

The complete personhood argument is that it’s wrong to kill a life with a high degree of value. That means a person. Or anything that will become a person.

And you know what else is not a person but will become a person? A fertilised egg.

And if killing babies is murder despite the baby not being a person, because it will become a person, then abortion is murder for the same reason.

Looking at What Murder Is in More Detail Makes the Personhood Argument Irrelevant

The truth is that this distinction between life and personhood is only relevant if one thinks about what murder is in a limited way.

Back at google I asked what murder is and the result informed me that it’s, ‘the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another’. Then I asked for an explanation of the word, ‘killing’ and got, ‘an act of causing death’ and finally what ‘death’ was and got, ‘the end of a life’.

Well if you view murder as causing the end of life then of course it will be worse if the life you’re ending is of great value and not as bad if the life you’re ending is of little value. The distinction between life and personhood makes sense.

But perhaps we should look at what murder is in more detail.

Murder is indeed about causing the end of another human being’s life. But in more detail that means, the human being whose life has just been prematurely ended cannot live the rest of their life. The however many years they were going to live, has been taken away from them.

The evil of murder is less to do with the effect in the present (you’ve ended a life) and more to do with the effect on the future (they were going to live 40 more years but being dead has made that impossible).

Once we see murder for what it really is, the preventing of future life, the distinction between life and person becomes irrelevant.

Who cares about the status of the life your ending now, when either way you’re having the same effect on the future? Namely stealing it.

I mean obviously some people (I’m not naming names but you know who I mean) will argue that preventing the future life of a person is wrong but not if it’s a mere life, although without a sensible reason why that should be, you’ll have to once again resort to that ridiculously high level of arbitrariness and convenience mentioned earlier.

Killing a person is murder because it prevents their future life. Killing a human life that is not yet a person will also prevent their future life and is therefore also murder. And another way of putting that last point is: abortion is murder.

Abortion Is Murder. One of the Worst Forms of Murder

Despite the common denominator that runs through all murders – namely the death of the murdered – some forms of murder are worse than others.

Various factors are taken into account when judging how severe a form of murder is, some of the most obvious being intent and motivation. It’s clear that bad as it is to make a spur of the moment decision to kill someone, it’s not as bad as when the murder is planned weeks in advance. Revenge is definitely not a good reason to kill someone, but it’s not as bad a reason as enjoying watching other people suffer.

When it comes to the killing of babies, not only is abortion murder, it’s one of the worst forms of murder.

For five reasons.

The first is because of who you’re murdering. You’re murdering the weakest members of our society. Defenceless, helpless, children.

Those of us who are not bad people believe that this weakness means children need more looking after and protecting, not that they’re people you can exploit because they can’t stand up for themselves or fight back. Also, foetuses haven’t experienced much of life yet, and from a certain point of view killing them is worse than killing people who at least had the chance to experience life, even if they threw that chance away by spending too much time in front of the TV.

The second reason why abortion is one of the worst forms of murder is because of your relationship with the child you’re murdering. Namely, that it’s your child, for goodness sake.

Human nature dictates that if there’s one thing a parent should not do to their child, it’s abort them. On the contrary, the job of a parent is to nurture and care for their children even past the stage in life where they are perfectly capable of looking after themselves. The job of a parent is to protect them from all the psychos out there, not to be one of them.

A child is the offspring of its parents. A child is created by its parents. A child is a part of its parents. That’s why it’s human nature for a person to love their child. There’s not much out there that’s more unnatural or abhorrent than a parent killing their own child.

The third reason why abortion is one of the worst forms of murder is because it has one of the worst motives for murder.

Some reasons for abortion include (but are not limited to) being unable to afford a child, not wanting to be a single parent, not being ready to have a child and not wanting anything to interfere with education and career plans. In other words, your own convenience is more important than your child’s life. That’s a super cold-hearted and callous motivation for murder.

And by the way, the inconvenience is temporary. Nine months and then you can give your child up for adoption. This is the fourth reason why abortion is one of the worst forms of murder. Because your already appalling motivation becomes even more sickening when we highlight the fact that it was based on a temporary problem.

It doesn’t end there. The final reason why abortion is one of the worst forms of murder is yet another aspect of having one of the worst motives for murder. Because not only are you killing your own child to prevent any inconvenience, and not only are you killing your own child to prevent any temporary inconvenience, you’re killing your own child to prevent a temporary inconvenience when you are the cause of that inconvenience in the first place!

If the foetus would have magically appeared in your uterus, then killing it because it’s temporarily inconveniencing you is merely cold-hearted and callous. But in this case, it was something that you did which caused the foetus to end up inside you. How wretchedly awful a person must you be, if the motivation to kill your own child is a cold-hearted and callous reason that you’re completely responsible for?

Hint: very, if not more.

And yes, if the pregnancy was the result of rape, where you didn’t willingly create the foetus, then you can’t make this last argument. In such a case there must be leniency and only the other four reasons why you’re a terrible human being will apply.

So not only is abortion murder, it’s one of the worst forms of murder.

An Aspect of Abortion That Makes It Even Worse Than Everything Mentioned so Far

Abortion is murder. Abortion is one of the worst forms of murder. But there’s an aspect of abortion that makes it even worse than all that.

Perhaps you should take a minute before reading on to relax and try and restore some of your emotional balance. I mean you shouldn’t have lost it anyway. What else did you expect from an article entitled, ‘Abortion Is Murder’.

The aspect of abortion that makes it even worse than being one of the worst forms of murder is that Pro-Abortionists have convinced millions of women who do not know any better, to murder their defenceless children for their own convenience.

Many of the women who have abortions are completely unaware of the severity of what they’re doing and have been persuaded that an abortion is nothing more than the removal of a polyp. This is why despite the fact that abortion is murder, it’s not clear that women who have abortions are actually murderers. The intent is lacking.

The one thing worse than committing one of the worst forms of murder is brainwashing others to do it.

Yeah, maybe I jumped the gun on telling you to relax.


Abortion is murder because it’s the ending of a human life which despite not being a person has a high degree of value due to the fact it will become one and because you are preventing its future life.

Abortion is one of the worst forms of murder because you’re killing your own defenceless, helpless, child, to avoid a temporary inconvenience that you yourself caused.

And there’s an aspect of abortion that makes it even worse which is that millions of women have been convinced it’s perfectly ok to kill their own defenceless children for their own convenience.

Ok, now you can relax.

Unless of course, you’re a foetus.

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