Condemning Good People

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The latest Gillette Ad is despicable.

Just because some people have decided that something that was never before considered much of an issue is now a matter of supreme moral importance, doesn’t mean that you should disparage the previous generation.

You know, the generation that didn’t spent it’s day sitting around looking for something it could point it’s finger at and use to accuse (white) people of being bigoted so it could then pretend to be morally virtuous as it fought some irrelevant ideological war against a non-existent foe, but the generation that actually got off its butt and did something productive, working hard to provide for their families and improve their lives.

We have inherited a country of freedom and equality. We have inherited a country of technological and medical advancement that allows us to live longer, healthier and far more comfortably than any people in human history and instead of turning to the previous generation and thanking them for what they have bequeathed us, we condemn them for being racists and sexists, bullies and harassers.

I’m not saying the previous generation were without fault. I’m not saying that today everything is perfect and that there is nothing that needs improving. I’m saying we should have a little perspective. Focusing on the kind of bullying and harassing that either mostly doesn’t occur anymore except for in the mind of a Leftist or is not actually bullying or harassing except for again, in the mind of a Leftist, in such a heavy handed manner is a disgraceful attempt to portray good people who may have minor flaws as far worse than they are, just so they can feel virtuous for contributing to humanities fight against inequality. A fight that has by and large already been won.

At least in the West.

Because these people don’t spend any time focusing on the far greater and more extreme racism and sexism that is clear in certain other cultures.

After all, it’s much easier to condemn good people who won’t respond other than some mild complaint, than actual racists and sexists who may take up the point with you in a manner you may find somewhat unpleasant.

Three specific points about the Ad.

  1. A black man tells a white man how an open expression of attraction is not cool and physically prevents him from going after a woman that has just passed him in the street. What’s the precise message here? When a white man sees a women he finds attractive he immediately chases her down the street with the intent to sexually harass her. Maybe he was just going to ask her out. Maybe she would have said yes. Maybe they would have lived happily ever after. I suppose we simply can’t take the risk – that they’ll be happy. After all Leftists want you to be as miserable as they are and misery loves company.
  1. Two scenarios are presented: one with two small boys fighting and another where one boy is being chased by a group of boys who they start to beat when they catch him. In both cases men detachedly observe as if this is acceptable behaviour, until the end of the Ad when they finally step in and do the right thing. On what planet are the writers of this Ad living on? Parents, even fathers don’t stand by and watch while their small child beats the child of a friend of theirs. No! Who the hell are you associating with? Get some better friends. Men don’t just stand around and watch as a group of boys attack another. I’m just not convinced that this is happening on the scale your suggesting. Cue the anecdotal evidence.
  1. What’s with fascination with men making barbeques. You’ve really put us in a pickle now. If women cook it’s sexist, if men cook it’s a symbol of toxic masculinity. Heads I win, tails you lose. It’s almost as if you’re saying whatever men do they’re evil. Remove the words “it’s almost as if” from the previous sentence if you didn’t read the sarcasm into it in the first place.
  1. Good news. Gillette have graciously decided that some men are indeed acting the right way, “but some is not enough” which sounds like they’re suggesting that most men are acting the wrong way. Also, if they felt that most men were acting the right way you wouldn’t need a whole business destroying add to rebuke a minority of men. So it seems they mean the majority of men are bullies and harassers. Which is interesting because for every legitimate criticism of a culture, religion or single person, we usually hear the “how dare you paint everyone with the same brush” excuse. Don’t you people usually justify the worst behaviour by claiming it’s only a tiny minority of that group? But when it comes to men, apparently it’s okay to condemn most of them as bullies and harassers! At least now we know why you think we are painting everyone with the same brush.

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