The Childishness of Abortion

A child sulking behind a tree

Don’t panic at the meaning of the title.

I’m not god forbid suggesting that abortion is not downright immoral, evil and wicked. For it is. I think heinous should also be in there.

I’m not god forbid suggesting that abortion is not simply the murder of the most helpless members of our society. For it is.

I’m not god forbid suggesting that abortion is not simply the murder of the most helpless members of our society, by their own parents who actually created them. For it is.

I’m not god forbid suggesting that abortion is not simply the murder of the most helpless members of our society, by their own parents who actually created them and done simply for the sake of their creator’s convenience – they’re not ready for having to look after another human being. Imagine all that effort and expense to look after and care for a baby when that same effort and expense can be used for themselves – for it certainly is.

I’m not god forbid suggesting that all those helpful suggestions and myriad opinions from all those wet behind the ears college children, kindly letting us know when they, after much deliberation, think that a foetus should be considered a life, is not a step backward, returning to humanity’s original problem of certain groups of people deciding that certain other groups of people were less human than they were, and could therefore be treated the way they were (just to clarify I mean theft, murder, rape and torture and not respect, help, gifts and free medical care) by the real humans who’s decision allowed them to pretend that their lofty principles, conscience and general sense of right and wrong had not been breached. For they are.

No. I am simply saying that in addition to being all those things it is also babyish, childish and immature.

The clue is in the title for their evil ideology.

Pro Choice.

Many commentators point to the disingenuous nature of the title. Pro-Choice! Don’t you mean pro killing babies for your convenience. The anti abortionists are Pro-Life. Isn’t that what this fight is about. Pro-Life. Or Pro-Death?

No, they demurely demure. They’re not Pro-Death. They’re Pro-Choice. That sounds much better. Isn’t choice important?

The truth is, that the title Pro-Choice is actually correct and indicates what’s really going on in this fight for the right to kill your child before they’re born.

You have a right to choose, they say, making an appeal to a person’s sense of fairness. Forget about what you’re choosing to do. Forget about the fact that you’ve just asked someone to do you a favour and cut up your defenceless child into little pieces. When you wake up, you’ll be in a different room, tucked up in bed, with ideologically committed nurses making a fuss over you, repeatedly telling you how wonderfully brave you were to follow your heart telling you to worry more about your convenience than your own child’s life. All the little baby pieces in the operating theatre will have already been cleaned away. Thrown out in whatever waste disposal method is used, or better yet, being prepared to be sold off as spare parts. Forget all of that. Forget what you actually did. The blood and the killing and all the unpleasantness. There’s something much more important at stake here. Your right to choose.

You see it all starts because of the ideology of equality. Or at least a twisted and warped version of equality.

It’s the most important thing of all. And it’s certainly more important than common sense.

You see we can’t have any difference between men and women. They must be equal in all ways.

It is a violation of this sacred law to have the possibility that under a certain set of circumstances the behaviour of women is restricted in one way or another, while the behaviour of men is not. Even if such a restriction would make no sense at all. This means that if men have no restrictions regarding abortion, women shouldn’t either. The fact that men can’t have an abortion in the first place, is neither here nor there. Personally, I think if we could find a way to get men pregnant (and I don’t mean in the new way where men pretend to be women so they can finally be first at something, but actually pregnant) and then make it illegal for them to have abortions, I’d be in favour. You’d solve the problem in five minutes.

I mean women aren’t complaining that they’re not allowed to kill other people who are not their unborn child. They’re not complaining that they can’t torture. They’re not complaining that they can’t steal. They’re not complaining that they … well you get the idea.

There’s only one area they’re complaining about. Abortion. If we’re all restricted by the same laws equally, they’re fine. It’s when we get to the one law that applies to women only and not men … well that’s intolerable.

And even though abortion could conceivably (!) be considered under the umbrella of all those laws about how killing is a no no, still this is one sub section that applies to women only and not men. And that is still unacceptable!

It’s just not fair.

Yes, I’m sure that all those with children heard the similarity to a child’s tantrum. Hands up those who also had the image of the child stamping their foot in rage. I know I did.

It’s not fair. My chocolate was 1% smaller than his. It’s not fair, she sat in the front yesterday. It’s not fair, I wanted to open the door.

And so on.

I would like to point out at this juncture that obviously I don’t actually think a child will say 1% in the midst of their complaint. It’s just my little game of expressing the entire upcoming, main argument of this article in a supremely succinct fashion, en passant and in the middle of a joke, before presenting it fully. And of course so that I can write a whole paragraph about the fact that I’m doing it. Just in case you’re interested.

Yes. It’s childish. I mean them not me. Well okay me too, but I mean them.

It can’t be that there is one area of life where women have restrictions and men do not.

There can be no difference between men and women. There must be absolute equality between the two.

Take medical insurance as another example.

I once saw a feminist demand that the cost of medical insurance for women be the same as men. In the US medical insurance is one third more for women than it is for men. She was incensed. And I don’t mean she smelled nice. She was still incensed when the host pointed out that women use medical insurance a third more than men do and were simply paying for the service they received. I mean simply getting the insurance to pay for the service they received.

He also pointed out that men pay more for car insurance because they have more car accidents. She ignored that. The only problem was women pay more for medical insurance. I don’t know why you’re bringing men paying more for something else into this conversation. (We’ll have to adjust the above rule. Men and women must be equal in every single way, unless it’s men who have it worse.)

It was utterly unacceptable to this feminist that women pay more for health insurance despite the reasonable and logical explanation. This is one of the major problems of the Left. Superficiality. On the surface women paying more for health insurance is discriminatory and sexist. But when you look at the details – the fact that they use it more, it becomes not only fair, but unfair and unjust if women were to pay the same as men.

Should we look at the details or just how it seems superficially? Well it depends on what you want to prove. And she wanted to prove that women had it worse.

Looking at things superficially will lead you to the wrong conclusions. The truth is that men and women actually pay the same amount of medical insurance when you take all the factors into account. Like a grown up. Next article: The Childishness Of Being A Leftist.

But in the issue of abortion there is a lack of equality.

After all, men have what is called by the people making up names for this kind of stuff – body autonomy. No one can tell them what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. If abortion is illegal that would mean women do not have complete body autonomy when men do and that would be catastrophic discrimination.

Worse than that, to add fuel to the fire, what really propels the Left into paroxysms of fury is when men tell women they can’t have an abortion. Oh yes. It’s bad enough that women don’t have complete body autonomy, but it’s even worse if it was a man who decided that this should be so. It would be the exact same sexism of the past all over again. Two Articles Time: How The Left Are Incapable of Making Distinctions Between Two Things That Bear A Resemblance But Are Not The Same At All.

Well if it’s unfair, how can it be that women should have restrictions on what they can and can’t do with their own bodies?

Er … because you’re killing someone.

You know how Leftists so cleverly say, “your right to carry a gun doesn’t Trump (Yeah!) my right to life”. Well doesn’t that apply here too? Your right to body autonomy doesn’t Trump (Yeah!) your child’s right to life. Hence they have to change the argument and invest copious amounts of effort into proving, via highly dubious reasoning, why a foetus is not a life.

As an aside – your right to carry a gun is not just a random right. These Leftists are so stupid. “Yeah we’ll carry a gun because we like to.” – that’s me mimicking them, mimicking you. No. It’s for protection. That means to support my right to life. So both the right to carry a gun and being Pro Choice are actually about a right to life. But never mind. They probably also thought that my spelling Trump with a capital T was a mistake and not a reference to someone. Idiots.

Now while it’s true that some people will go down the foetus-is-not-a-life route, it becomes more difficult the further into pregnancy you go. Therefore, it’s the other route that the ideology is named after – Pro-Choice. Because at the end of the day that is the most important thing.

If men do not have any restrictions on what they can and cannot do with their bodies, women cannot either. Since only women can become pregnant and cannot be restricted in any way, this must mean they have a choice when it comes to abortion. Because restriction and choice are opposites you see. Clever eh.

This is the solution of the Left. Being Pro-Choice. Being fair. Having equality. Not the inequality that was the hallmark of our … lack of equality past.

But you’re not being fair to the foetus?


Not so loud.

That’s true too.

But I would like to focus on the fact that life is not fair.

And it’s unfair in so many ways.

Some people are beautiful, some people are ugly. Some people are rich and some people are poor. Some people are healthy and some people are unhealthy. Some people are intelligent, Leftists are stupid. Some people will live to ninety and others will die young. Some people will live in the West with a quality of life that those starving in war-torn dictatorships, working sixteen hours a day for a meagre wage, can only dream of and others will live starving in war-torn dictatorships working sixteen hours a day for a meagre wage, blissfully unaware of the discrimination those men who are now living as women get when they are looked at strangely by normal people.

Yes, all of life is unfair and in so many more ways than this. And a lot of the time the unfairness gap is a lot wider than the unfairness gap between men and women regarding their body autonomy.

After all, they seem to forget, for some reason that women have 99.99% control over their bodies.

If they want to get a tattoo no one is stopping them.

If they want to eat themselves into obesity no one can stop them. Believe me. Oprah has tried.

If they want to cut parts of their body off, no one will stop them.

If they want to date someone, the only person with a say in that is the datee. And even then many women won’t be happy with that.

No one is allowed to murder, rape or torture them.

No one is telling them who to date, love or marry.

No one is telling them how many children to have and with whom.

Women can do whatever they like.

It’s just that if they do, and they get pregnant, please don’t kill the baby.

It’s not appropriate.

No! Says the childish Leftist / Pro-Choicer. It’s true I have a lot of control over my body, but there is one small area where men don’t have a restriction, so I shouldn’t either! Waah! It’s not fair! We both should have exactly the same amount of chocolate. (Oh now I get it! Actually I don’t.)

No. It’s a foetus. It’s about to be a person. Grow up. Accept life for what it is. Women have the children and an issue of body autonomy that does not apply to men.

Stop running to the childish, petulant cry of how unfair it is. Because the unfairness gap in this case is so minisclue compared to other more important unfairness gaps that you should be utterly embarrassed to have brought it up.

And by the way, even if this unfairness gap would be the widest unfairness gap in existence, you still can’t kill people because of it. The very idea of being allowed to kill someone just to create a fair society, just doesn’t work on so many levels.

Grow up! Er … man up! Deal with the situation like a responsible and mature adult. If you would have done that in the first place you wouldn’t be in this mess. Wait a minute or so for slow people to get that one.

There are two ironies to abortion.

Firstly, the killing of all those babies but the creation of even more childish adults.

Secondly, those people who kill their own children for their own selfishness, are not going to make good parents at all. Selfishness is not a good trait in anyone let alone a parent.

Nor is being a murderer.

Life has been turned upside down.

It used to be that parents would give their lives to save their children. That includes things like working hard to support your family. Now children must give their lives for the convenience of their parents. Disgusting. Inhuman. And childish in the extreme.

Sam Taylor

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