The Insanity Of The Left

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The Left are insane.

But not just staring vacantly at the wall and dribbling insane, or even taking an axe and hacking away at as many people as possible insane, they’re cutting-off-their-own-genitalia insane.

And that’s not a metaphor. Some of them are actually cutting off their own genitalia.

But they’re not doing it and laughing in hysterical-fits-of-mania insane, they’re doing it with a straight-face-as-if-this-is-perfectly-sensible, insane.

And everybody has noticed how the Left have gotten worse.

I mean, it’s been a little unusual for decades. They’ve bandied about ridiculous ideas and beliefs for years which were clearly very silly and only accepted by those who wanted to blame everyone else for their bad decisions, or who wanted to take other people’s money without having to work for it, or who wanted to think of themselves as possessing moral virtues without doing the things that morally virtuous people did, and  the unintelligent, who thought that because the idea was irrational it must therefore be right. It’s proponents were made professors of subjects that literally make no sense and power was amassed by various activist groups to push their agenda and rail against some silly and minuscule problem that was blown way out of proportion, even if it wasn’t looked at relative to real problems some people suffer in other parts of the world. But we’ve always been able to laugh at their stupidity and shake it off as political correctness gone mad. We could look at the person next to us and give each other a reassuring little smile that acknowledged that we were the sane ones who were tolerating the idiotic behaviour of the intellectually stunted, childish adults living in their fantasy world because, let’s face it, who has time to deal with every bit of stupidity that crosses their path, when you’re busy living life. Sorry for having accidentally written something that by inference completely explains why the Left have so much time on their hands for all their idiotic stupidity. If you don’t understand what I’m saying then perhaps this article isn’t for you. But show it to your caregiver, they  may understand it.

Then, let’s suggest for reference sake that around 2014 / 2015 all hell broke loose as suddenly normal people found themselves overwhelmed by a tidal wave of stupidity, as various even more preposterous and nonsensical beliefs were promoted with even more force than in the past, and like a deadly disease spread like wildfire across the West in a frighteningly short period of time. This made our laughs less joyous and our attempts to shake it off more difficult as we saw that more and more people were in thrall of the contagious insanity of the Left. We looked towards that normal person for their reassuring smile that we were not alone, but all we saw was the frightened expression on the face of a person too afraid to tell us that they agreed lest they be revealed to be an enemy who must be dealt with in the severest possible way.

Even a quick glance at their ideology proves this beyond any reasonable doubt. And there are plenty of people who debunk everything they say.

Some people want to know how otherwise intelligent people can believe such monumentally stupid things.

Some people want to know why otherwise intelligent people can’t see huge gaping holes in their ideology. To take probably the worst  example, if you won’t let your four year old decide how many sweets they can have, then they certainly aren’t up to the challenge of deciding whether they are male or female.

Actually let’s present that slightly differently.

You know how children learn the name of colours or animals, or … well anything really? Because you’ve just told them. The same parent-child conversation has been repeated countless times, throughout the ages and across all cultures and goes along the lines of the following:

Parent: This is a red apple.

Child: blurb gurgle, gurgle blurb

Parent repeats as does child until finally one day:

Child: red apple.

Parent: Wow you’re so clever.

If the only way children know even the simplest of things is because some else has told them, then how the hell are they supposed to know something more complicated like what gender they are?! And by the way, the reason children need to be told things is because all concepts they are being taught were defined by people who are not them! But some believe that a young child is supposed to be up-to-date with the latest gibberish agreed upon by a minority that makes up the progressive Left! They’re supposed to innately understand the unintelligible, nebulous and imprecise definition of gender that those in charge have settled on just a few years ago and that most adults find inexplicable, and therefore be able to determine how it all applies to them?!

These people have lost their minds!

Parent: Do you know what gender you are?

Child: But I only know what the colour red and what and apple is because you told me?

Parent: But this comes from inside yourself!

Child: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Parent: It means you’ll feel whether you’re a boy or a girl.

Child: What’s a boy? I thought we’re talking about gender.

Parent: A boy is someone who feels like a boy.

Child: Sounds like circular logic to me. What does it feel like to be a boy?

Parent: You’ll know when you feel it.

Child: But how when there is no frame of reference?

Parent: You just will.

Child: Wow life is so easy.

Unbelievable stupidity. No. You misunderstand, whatever level of stupid you think I’m trying to convey, multiply it by a thousand, and then raise it to the power of the same. Then minus one. That’ll be a ball park estimate for their inexpressible level of idiocy.

We had just turned the corner from poop in the streets and whipping up mobs to burn people at the stake on the basis of some ridiculous nonsense that was so absurd you could clearly see it was a poor excuse for a vague attempt to cover their enjoyment of murder and violence, and now we’ve slammed on the brakes and turned around and headed back the way we came by deciding that stuff that has no basis in science or sanity is what we are going to believe in. Then we pump our children full of drugs to inhibit their growth and people start chopping of their genitalia because something about their lives didn’t feel “quite right”, until they did so!

How can it be that there is an unstoppable army of moronic halfwits out there who cannot see how utterly idiotic they are being?

Is it because we are mistaken when we think they are otherwise intelligent? Is it because we have overestimated their intelligence by fifty percent when we consider them moronic halfwits?

I don’t think so

Here – for what it’s worth, is what I think.

Let’s start off with a rule. I know it’s an obvious rule, but given the dire circumstances I think it’s best to err on the side of being super-clear.

The Rule: There Are Two Ways To Arrive At A Conclusion For Any Given Enquiry

The first way, is the sensible, logical, rational, reasonable way. We look out into the world and see what it has to tell us about stuff. We want to know what the universe has to say. We do research, we experiment, we test any suggested hypotheses and then and this is where it really gets out of hand, we critically analyse what we’ve found. We think about it, we see if it makes sense, we ask difficult questions, think of possible answers and we throw away those ideas that just don’t work. If we find an idea that does fit and does seem to be right, we will repeat this process again and again. When that has been done enough times and without evidence to the contrary, we will hesitatingly accept the idea, becoming more confident in its accuracy with the accruing of additional information that supports it, but always keeping an open mind that someday, something may come along and prove our idea wrong.

The second way is to just choose what you want to believe and accept it uncritically.

Now I know what you’re going to ask. What kind of unfathomable imbecile would work with the second way? Don’t we all work with the first way?

Well yes, we do all work with the first way.

Most of the time.

But, and here’s where it all falls down, many of us, reserve the right to switch to the second way at any time we choose.

This is the key. We all work with logical, rational thinking. That just makes sense. But, if it clashes with something more important to us, we may chuck it all out the window.

So someone will be going along happily, reason and logic ruling their lives, when suddenly they come across something that activates their second, more fundamental ideology. Sometimes that is not a problem as it will still fit with logic and reason. The problem will occur when their more fundamental ideology conflicts with reason and logic. In such a case the more important ideology will win. If reason and logic is more important to them then they will throw out any ideas that don’t make sense, but if their other ideology is more important to them then the only solution will be to suspend critical analysis for this point so that they can believe whatever retarded idea their more fundamental ideology is telling them without common sense and sanity getting in the way.

What is the second, more fundamental ideology of the Left?



And more specifically. The morality of equality.

They have to be moral at all costs. Even at the cost of their minds.

Let’s look at an example.

Equality of Opportunity versus Equality of Outcome.

You could either give everybody more or less the same opportunity (Equality of Opportunity) to work hard, earn a good income and achieve success, or you could just ensure that everybody has the same amount of money (Equality of Outcome) by taking money from those who work hard and giving it to the lazy and / or useless members of our society.

Equality of opportunity makes more logical sense, because trying to control all aspects of life is impossible, it’s fairer to those who put in more work, and it doesn’t pretend that failure is because of everybody else getting in the way and not the fault of the person who made one bad decision after another. But because Equality of Outcome seems more moral, as – look isn’t it nice when everyone has the same, minds are switched off when it comes to this and deep problems with this ideology are ignored.

Logic is dropped like a hot potato in the face of needing to be moral.

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that they’re not actually being more moral. In fact Equality of Outcome is immoral because you will have to control opportunity, which means forcing some people to do things they don’t want to do and preventing others from doing what they do want to do, and stealing people’s money. All of which is the exact opposite of the ideology of a free society.

Also I’m sure it crossed your mind (if not what are you doing here? Don’t you have a protest to go to) that morality and logic used to go hand in hand. Since when did they start to conflict?

Please reread the last two paragraphs but this time substitute the word ‘sure’ for ‘hope’. What one used to be sure of, in this day and age has to be reduced to hope.

Anyway, you’re right. Real morality does go hand in hand with logic and reason and should not be in conflict. The problem here is that morality has changed.

In a number of ways.

Firstly, as you are undoubtedly aware, the most important moral principle in this day and age is ‘thou shalt not be a bigot’. Equality is king of the virtues. So if there is the tiniest suspicion that at any time of your decades-spanning life you possibly considered having a thought that may contain words that bear a passing resemblance to completely different words that would be used to express bigotry, well then you’re worse than a serial killer.

Secondly, nowadays we care about superficial morality. If it looks discriminatory then something must be done, even if the very thing you do will then be the cause of actual discrimination. For example a commentator once decried the appalling state of affairs in America where women were paying a third more for their medical insurance than men. She (obviously) was suitably outraged about this. However, it was explained that the reason for this imbalance was that women go to the doctor a third more than men. Meaning that in reality everyone is simple paying for whatever they use. But she didn’t care (obviously). What was important to her was that women are paying more than men! It looks superficially discriminatory, but of course with a little bit of analysis it’s clear that  not only is it not, but that equalising the amount men and women pay would create actual discrimination, as women would pay the same as men while using the services more.

But of course she (obviously) didn’t really care about equality, because she (obviously) only cared about discrimination against women and not about discrimination against men. That is the great caveat in this morality of equality, namely that discrimination against white males is irrelevant and perhaps even considered appropriate. Discrimination is for everyone who’s ancestors did not have it as good as white males at the one point in time white males did have it better than everyone else. Or to put it into words that everyone can understand: this version of equality is just a tool to steal from those who have and give to those who have a little less, and to be able to justify that by pretending it to be morally virtuous.

This type of morality is not morality at all, but a way of getting what you want without having to work too hard for it.

It’s easy to see why this type of morality is on the rise. It’s focus is on what has somehow come to be considered the single most important moral virtue of our time, equality. This ‘somehow’ is somehow explained when you see these ideas being advocated for and supported by those people who are too lazy to work hard and want to be given instant success via government reallocation of money and power to them.

And because even superficial discrimination is considered evil, it’s an extremely easy way to achieve moral virtue.

Twenty years ago, if you were a foster parent for over three decades to tens if not hundreds of the most difficult children, you were seen as an amazing person. Some even thought that normal people who worked hard to support their families, had some sort of moral standing.

But times have changed.

Nowadays all you have to do is repeat a mantra about equality and accepting everybody for who they are and you are instantly morally superior to those who don’t. Extra points if you go to a protest with a sign, while sainthood is conferred if you scream at someone with a different opinion about how evil they are.

So we’re not talking about real morality. We’re talking about superficial morality, easy morality, childish morality. In other words, immorality masquerading as morality. So of course it’s very likely that it won’t go hand in hand with logic and reason. And of course you’ll need to suspend your logic and reason in order to accept some of the claims this ideology makes.

And we must get our point of disagreement right. Hypothetically speaking, if somehow logic and morality did conflict, I would agree that morality would supersede logic. One has to do the right thing. The principle that morality would win if in conflict with reason and logic is absolutely correct. That is not where the left are making their mistake.

Their mistake is in what they consider moral and immoral as explained.

So this is how and why the Left have become insane. A second ideology of morality which has the power of veto over critical thinking. Ordinarily they can be totally rational and reasonable. But when in conflict with their morality they switch off the thinking part of their brains and accept whatever preposterous nonsense is produced to advance their more fundamental ideological system.

To conclude I am going to tell you something that’s going to hurt. I suggest you sit down and brace yourselves, for this is going to be the worst thing you will hear in your entire life. Nothing else you will hear will come close to the horrific nature of what I’m about to say. Even normal people need a trigger warning for this. The pain will be excruciating, almost too much to bear, so I understand if you don’t want to read the last part of this article. But, if you’re feeling brave take a moment, have a cup of tea, then a whiskey and then read on. Do not read the end of this article without taking some precautions!

Here we go. (And yes I know that none of you did what I instructed and actually took any precautions. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I mean how difficult was it to have another glass of whiskey?)

You think Leftists are monumentally stupid because they suspend their critical thinking and throw away their brains for their illogical morality. You think they’re imbeciles of colossal proportions for ignoring reason and logic in the face of something they think is more important.

But the truth is that it’s not only Leftists who do that, there are lots of non Leftists who do that too. Not for Leftist principles of course but for their own ones. If you have an ideology, religion, belief or idea that you think is more important than reason and logic, and you too would sacrifice sanity, sense and all critical thinking when it clashes with whatever other idea you think has greater importance, then how are you any different to a Leftist?

Yes it’s the most offensive insult possible. It’s a slur beyond compare to even think to equate you with a Leftist when you so completely disagree with their ideology and, perhaps even hate it with a passion (you should). But at the end of the day, if you have one area of your mind, one idea, one belief that would cause you to throw your reason and logic away, to become insane in order to maintain it, then in principle if not manifestation you are no different to them.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of such bad news.

Sam Taylor

I'm Sam Taylor. I don't really like pointing out stupidity when I see it, but I'm going to. It's my way of reaching out to those who can actually think.

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