The Mistake In Logic

Whiteboard reading 2 + 2 = 5

You will have noticed, unless you’ve been living on another planet, that the Western World has been divided into two types of people.

By the Left.

Between those who are racists, bigots, sexist, homophobes and the one about being against those who have lost all manner of reason and decided to redefine one of the few absolutes – gender (pause for a deep breath), and those who are morally superior.

Oh, and in a move that will surprise absolutely no one, the Left think it is they who are the morally virtuous and that all who disagree with them are, to borrow a term, deplorable at best, wicked and evil at usual and at worst not in agreement with whatever incomprehensible nonsense I have decided to believe in. And of course, also full of hatred and anger.

There’s a term in psychology for when you project what applies to you onto other person, but it has presently escaped my mind.

Personally, I think the split is between those with a brain and those … well I’ll leave you to work out the rest of that sentence for yourself. That way we’ll all know which group you’re in.

If you’ve been wondering how we got here the answer is simple. The Left in yet another unsurprising turn of events have made a mistake in logic. This mistake in logic hasn’t been a monumental error or a colossal blunder. It’s a teeny tiny mistake, yet one that’s brought about, as we can see, significant repercussions.

The mistake in logic the Left make is this: Criticism is bigotry.

And that’s it really.

I’m sure you’re wondering why once the point has been made we still need the long article that follows.

Well I thought I’d give some context, explain it a little more clearly because understanding your enemy will give you a degree of power over them … I mean studying the sick will make it easier for you to find the right cure, and add one or two minor points of interest, all wrapped up in my customary wit, humour and high degree of intelligence.

Such a small paragraph yet so much to disagree with.

If you’re seated comfortably, let’s begin.

We’ll start with a relatively quick recap of the history of the world. Now I’ll freely admit that I’m not a proper historian so I cannot provide any real authority or expert opinion on this subject, but I do have some basic knowledge of history, especially about the part we need for the point I’m trying to make. Also I’m going to try and use some common sense – don’t laugh, if you follow carefully you’ll learn how to use common sense too and a whole world of intellectual understanding will open up for you.

Humanity started off its presence on this planet being highly unpleasant to each other. I’m obviously understating things because people were really really shockingly atrocious to each other. And that’s still a super underestimation. For thousands of years, humanity waged war against each other, murdering, raping, looting, pillaging (is there a difference between looting and pillaging?). The worst kind of torture could be found across the globe. Horrific, ghastly, appalling behaviour.

You would not have wanted to live in those times. Not only was life oppressive because disease and poverty were rampant while toilet facilities were not – unless you counted the streets which many did, but because there was a lot of opportunity for ruthless, brutal and wicked people to behave in a cruel and merciless manner to anyone they wanted. There was also a lot of opportunity for cruel and merciless people to behave in a ruthless, brutal and wicked manner to anyone they wanted. There were some other opportunities as well but I don’t want to get bogged down in all the possible permutations.

And this was not just the race and culture that is believed to be the only racist and bigoted one on the planet – namely white people. It was everybody. Some think that white Christians were torturing the unbelievers in Europe, while all other cultures in the world wouldn’t even dream of doing such a thing. Many people believe that most of the terrible deeds of the past were carried out by white people and that for the most part, all other races and cultures were full of decent and moral people who went about their lives being good, kind, thoughtful and compassionate to each other, and in which everyone lived in an atmosphere of harmony and pure and undiluted tolerance of everyone else, until white man came along and spoiled everything.

No, there were plenty of savages and barbarians in all non-white cultures too.

You might need to pause a moment to recover from that shock. Go and get yourself a glass of water. Perhaps some Diazepam, there’s worse coming.

Yes, certain cultures came and colonised others, but it doesn’t automatically mean that the colonised culture was better. It may have been, but it also may have been that they were simply weaker. They may have been equally or perhaps even more barbaric and savage than the colonisers and just as keen and eager to colonise them and may have done so had the other culture not been more powerful and succeeded in doing all the colonising first. This is a common mistake that people make, similar to when they think that the loser of a fight or someone who is oppressed in any way must be the victim. They could be, but it could also be that they started it in the first place with the intention of doing far worse than was done to them in self-defence.

I’m not saying there were no good people in the olden days.

Obviously there were. In all probability they even outnumbered the bad people. But the thing about bad people is that they’re prepared to do unspeakably hideous things that good people are not, and are therefore more likely to achieve greater positions of power. And with bad people in positions of power, all hell could break loose. And guess what. It frequently did.

Then came democracy. The idea that perhaps we shouldn’t let bad people or lunatics control the rest of us, take our money, treat us like slaves and kill us whenever they please. Rather we should be self-governing and live under the rule of law.

Though it only took on in certain parts of the world. The parts where the people rose up against their tyrannical leaders, deposed them in one way or another and instituted democracy in their countries.

Of course, when democracy started it did not look as it does now. It took three hundred years or so to evolve into what you see today.

The twentieth century saw two world wars.

A lot of people died. And I mean a lot. The kind of a lot that we have difficulty comprehending. Moreover, many of those who survived suffered terribly during and post the wars in one way or another.

The reticence of the League of Nations to stand up to Hitler may well have been the result of the shock of World War 1. They had thought the Great War was going to be an easy little war. Instead, millions were killed in a relatively short amount of time. Obviously, no one was eager to repeat that experience again.

But their hand was forced. They had to stop Hitler as he tried to conquer Europe. And after another round of a lot of death and suffering, and noting that Hitler had decided to exterminate various groups based on silly little things like religion, race and sexual orientation, in what was the most systematic and organised large scale expression of racism and bigotry ever seen, some people had had enough.

I’m just noticing a pattern in the sequence of events that took place in the twentieth century. In the first half, there was a decrease in the desire to go to war probably due to modern warfare techniques creating an exponential increase in the death toll. Much of the cause of the war and death was based on plain old racism and bigotry, and suddenly in the second half of the twentieth century there is an increase in advocacy for equality and civil rights. And I’m suggesting a correlation. Perhaps a minor causation, if such a thing is possible.

It’s no surprise therefore that by the end of the twentieth century Western ideology ran thus: All the barbarism and atrocities of the past were based on our intolerance towards those different from us. Ergo, in order to prevent another world war, and general unpleasantness, let’s stop all that racism and bigotry. Let’s have its opposite – equality instead.

Now that’s a very nice idea indeed.

No, I’m not being sarcastic.

I mean it.


Stop laughing.

It has the added advantage of making sense too and being an actual moral position.

But then it all went wrong.

It’s certainly understandable why equality became King Of The Virtues. The opposite, racism and bigotry destroy societies via wars that lead to all the death and destruction of the past. It is less understandable why after decades of working to stop racism and bigotry instead of finding it has decreased, we seem to be finding more and more of it all the time – white privilege, the patriarchy, islamophobia, xenophobia, transphobia. They’ll probably be something new by the time you’ve finished reading this article. (It doesn’t matter than no evidence for this new racism and bigotry can be found and so really the whole idea should be abandoned as complete nonsense as per the scientific method, all you need to do is decide that racism and bigotry is a far deeper problem than previously imagined, inherent in a person and rooted in their subconscious.)

And the more we find, the more it’s denounced in ever increasingly vehement ways, presumably because the previous levels of denunciation were never going to be effective due to all the extra racism and bigotry we didn’t discover until recently, and like medicine, the dosage needs to be increased.

That’s why since about the last two decades of the twentieth century it has been a grave sin to say something that sounds like racism or bigotry, even if it’s not. Nowadays it’s offensive and in some countries a criminal offence, to say something that a minority gets to decide somehow indicates your discrimination against them.

The West has trained itself like Pavlov’s dogs, to be horrified and disgusted with anyone who says something that may be seen as having something to do with an idea that if taken completely wrongly is racist. If you’re suspected of being a witch … sorry wrong century … if you’re suspected of being a racist or bigot your life can then be destroyed to ensure that such behaviour never rears its ugly head again and to show how righteous people are in condemning the most immoral of behaviours.

Inconvenient facts have had to be sacrificed on the altar of the war against racism and bigotry. They’re just more racism and bigotry.

I mean you can’t even say that in America, 13% of the population commit over 50% of the violent crime.

Even if it’s true.

Or perhaps because it’s true.

And the madness doesn’t end there.

We’re finding more and more racism and bigotry, but only in our own culture. In other cultures we can’t seem to see any, no matter how glaringly obvious it is. And if somehow we do that’s only because of our own inherent racism and bigotry. Brilliant!

That’s right, all we hear about is how Western ideology is intrinsiclly evil and has an inherent hatred of minorities. It’s racist, bigoted, sexist, every-single-minorityist and is mean and nasty because it colonised the rest of the world and made itself great at the expense of others who are now worse off because of them. But we hear very little criticsm of ideologies where all that is demonstrably true and which are actually evil and dangerous. In fact, we now defend those ideologies even when they clearly promote their own culture over others, treat women, minorities and anyone different to them as second class citizens and have beliefs and ideas that lead to less freedom rather than more.

This is just the next stage in the move from a sensible and moral ideology to insanity. From rightly recognising the racism and bigotry of our past to being super sensitive to any possibility of it still existing in the ideological West and finally to not seeing it in any other culture but our own.

Humanity started out dehumanising the other, which led to the dehumaniser killing the dehumanised. After all, if they’re not human why can’t you kill them. Then some people decided no more dehumanising. No more saying we’re better and you’re worse, we’re real human beings and you’re not. No, we’re all the same, we’re all equal. No one can use that excuse to kill anyone anymore.

But it didn’t stop there. Now we have to say we’re worse and they’re better. We’ve come one hundred and eighty degrees. We used to say we’re civilised and they’re barbaric savages. Then we moved to everyone’s equal. Now we have to say you’re much better than our evil culture that caused all of humanity’s problems.

It all started with the correct approach. But the Left have made an epic, yet teeny tiny mistake and this, finally, after an overly long and most probably unnecessary preamble, is it:

The Left believe that If cause A has effect B then whenever you find effect B it was due to cause A.

Simple as that.

In other words, discrimination against certain groups will cause them to be poorer. Therefore, poverty in these groups proves the existence of discrimination. If you can’t see it on the surface it must be deeper than you originally thought.

Similarly, as racism contains criticism, therefore any criticism must be accompanied by racism.

So if you criticise the black community for having a disproportionate number of violent criminals, you’re a racist.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

Of course, this is lazy. Just in case you couldn’t work it out for yourself, or there’s miraculously a Leftist still reading this, I’ll explain what’s wrong with the above thinking.

Just because a cause leads to an effect, doesn’t mean that effect had that particular cause. Some effects have many possible causes. Just because you know of one of them doesn’t prove it was the cause in any given case. If I shoot someone in the head they’ll die, but if someone’s dead of a gunshot wound to the head it doesn’t automatically mean that I did it.

So this is their mistake in logic. A logical error that unearths more and more apparent racists and bigots, who are actually people asking, “Are you sure that makes sense?” To which if you’re a minority you can respond, “Well if you’re criticising me you’re a stickintheminoritynamehereist.”

But how, Sam, – for that will be my pen name – I hear you cry, can they make the type of mistake that even a baboon trained to imitate a real life human, wouldn’t make? Surely this is the type of mistake that could only be made by morons of the highest degree.

Otherwise known as wazzocks.

The truth is there are a number of reasons why certain types of people make this mistake, and any or all of them could apply. People are different and you have to examine each person on a case by case basis. But it should be clearly evident which of the following reasons apply to the half-wit you’re psychoanalysing.

  1. They are stupid

Retarded. With an IQ less than a glass of water. Plain and simple. As a person and as an explanation.

  1. The need to be moral

Some people feel the need to be moral. There is a certain psychological pleasure one gets when you realise you are morally superior to others.

The question is how does one achieve moral virtue?

In the olden days – I mean ten years ago, you had to be a foster parent to a continuous stream of the most difficult children for three decades, save hundreds of people by running repeatedly into a burning building, donate an organ or something of a similar nature to be considered mildly worthy. Nowadays you just have to make sure you say the right pronoun and you’re more righteous than god Himself – should he even bother to exist.

The difference between then and now is that in the past people weren’t looking for the psychological pleasure of being morally virtuous or superior, they just wanted to help out. Nowadays, there’s a lack of self-esteem epidemic and people need to find all sorts of quick and easy ways to feel good about themselves. The old ways to moral virtue would take far too long. Thankfully, a new type of morality has emerged. An easy morality. A superficial morality. All you have to do is accept upon yourself that all sorts of normal people are racist and bigoted without thinking too closely whether that’s true or not and you’ll become an instant saint and the serotonin will be released.

If those who need to be morally superior were to look at the world honestly and accurately they would see that like certain diseases, racism and bigotry in our culture, has largely been diminished to a point where not too much more needs to be done. But they don’t want to do that as they wouldn’t be able to feel good about themselves via their shortcut to moral virtue. In order to go down the easy, superficial morality path they must shut down their brains, take out their magnifying glasses and accept all sorts of idiotic and nonsensical ideas as proof of racism and bigotry.

The irony is they could just look at certain other cultures that are actually racist, bigoted, sexist and homophobic and perhaps get their moral virtue fix there, but they can’t do that because they have also taken the position that other cultures are equal or better than ours. That leaves their search for racism and bigotry confined to the West and since it’s not so easy to find something that’s not there, it will have to be manufactured, which is why more and more artificial differences between people are being created, that are increasingly irrelevant and, more importantly, galactically stupid. We’re finding more and more racism and bigotry not because we didn’t realise how bad we were but because we’re defining more things as racist and bigoted just to create this shortcut to moral virtue that some people need to give them their self-esteem. It’s easy really.

And these people desperately need this high because they have no other enjoyment in their lives. How could they? Most of these types of people are highly unattractive, have no constructive skills to offer humanity and are utterly useless in almost every capacity apart from ruining other people’s lives and being jealous of successful people’s achievements. Being morally superior gives them a much needed source of enjoyment. It gives them a life and a reason to live. It gives them something to do on a Saturday night. You know what you’re doing then. You know they’re not doing that. Then or ever. So they’ll have to settle for moral superiority.

Moral superiority. The elixir for those who have nothing in reality. And they need it so badly they will take absolutely nothing and make a moral crusade out of it.

Don’t forget, because of how we view the past, equality is King Of The Virtues, therefore and racism and bigotry the cause of inequality, is the worst evil of all. So if you need to be moral and need a shortcut to moral virtue, you would head in the direction of the most important moral virtue of all and declare your disgust and hatred for anything that looks like it might be racism and bigotry. The only problem is, that fight was already won by our parents and grandparents. Those who need to be moral may not be able to accept their second class moral status relative to the first class morality of those who actually fought for civil rights. Is there any surprise then when our generation keeps on finding more and more bigotry to fight.

  1. People need to live a meaningful life

Our generation is pampered and has had almost everything it needs handed to it on a plate. Yes, even those who are ‘less privileged’. One needs only to think about what life was like just fifty years ago to realise that even the poorest of us are far wealthier than our ancestors.

During the last few hundred years, humanity has struggled on numerous fronts to make life better. There was a fight against poverty, there was a fight to achieve scientific discoveries so that we could live better and overcome the unpleasant things nature sent our way, and a fight for freedom and liberty over tyranny and oppression.

We are a privileged generation that has not had to fight for any of these things. Sure, we constantly work to improve them and there is much more to do, but we have inherited a higher standard of living, technological and medical advancement that makes our lives longer and easier, and most importantly of all, a free society where everyone has the right to pursue the life they want.

We are the first generation in the history of mankind that doesn’t need to fight for these things and we don’t know how to handle that. Human beings need to live meaningful lives and one of the ways we do this is by struggling to achieve important and significant things. But the avenue that has traditionally been used for this, is now closed for business.

We have to find another way to lead meaningful lives.

Maybe they are too frightened to do this, maybe they just don’t know how. Either way many people are pretending the fights of the past continue to this day. They hold on to the battles of old as that is all they know, by desperately trying to find more and more absurd and preposterous ways to prove that those problems of the past still exist and in fact were worse than originally thought, so they need not close the door on the only path they know to living a meaningful life.

It’s sad really, when you think about it.

  1. It’s a legitimate way to bully other people

Some people are bullies at best, and despicable human beings at worst. I mean look at the power you gain by accepting some of the stupid ideas of the Left. You can literally attack Trump supporters and other people who you think are less moral. You can riot through the streets and damage other people’s property. You can force employers to fire people who have, in your opinion, revealed that they have a lower moral standard than you.

You see, a certain hemisphere has taken upon itself to be different to how it was for thousands of years and decided to stop all the killing, maiming, torturing, raping, and stealing from other people at whim, and to establish the rule of law and all that it entails, which in turn has led to a better type of life. A life of freedom. A life of liberty. A life where you were less likely to be attacked at random. A life where you had recourse against any infringement on your rights. A world which turned out to be a somewhat pleasant place to live in.

There is however, one teeny tiny drawback.

That you can’t just punch someone hard in the face for being a complete and utter wazzock.

It’s frowned upon.

Don’t get me wrong. Even the Right would love to see certain people take a minor beating.

It would be wonderful.

It would just be frowned upon.

For not fitting into the general zeitgeist and for making people worry about “where this may lead”.

Certain people accept the trade-off. We have the Rule of law and its accompanying benefits but are unable to knock out the irritatingly idiotic as they try to ruin your life, even though we all know they certainly deserve it and a little of that type of thing would do everyone the world of good.

But there are certain individuals, usually from a given ideology, who want nothing more than to bully other people because that’s what they enjoy. They like being mean and nasty to other people. They love having power over others. The ability to put other people in their place, like you could in the autocratic olden days. They have not changed. They are the thugs of yesteryear. But what do you do when times have changed and that behaviour is no longer openly tolerated? How can they achieve their desired thuggery while not looking like a tyrannical oppressor? Simple, decide that whatever ridiculously idiotic, ideological cause you are fighting for is morally true and so what else can you do but vehemently denounce any who disagree and work hard to ensure that their lives are completely destroyed.

You have to admire that manoeuvre. They have found a ‘legitimate’ way to behave atrociously to other people. To bully them and exercise some sort of power over them – all with the stamp of approval from their own moral ideology.

So these are four possible reasons why people are so screwed up that they make this teeny tiny mistake in logic (although its repercussions are significant) and assume that people who have different opinions to them are racist and bigoted.

And now we see the point of this long explanation of their mistake in logic.

Because now you can clearly see that the Left are infinitely more screwed up than you had originally thought.

If not more.

“But how do you get more then infinite Sam?”

Damn that rule of law.

Sam Taylor

I'm Sam Taylor. I don't really like pointing out stupidity when I see it, but I'm going to. It's my way of reaching out to those who can actually think.

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