The Anger Of The Left

Statue of an angry person with a pitchfork

You may have noticed that the Left are angry.

I mean really angry.

Really really angry.

Furious even, enraged, livid, absolutely beside themselves with … well anger.

The Left take to the streets, shouting angry slogans, starting riots, just because Trump won the presidential election or a conservative speaker is invited to speak on their campus. Instead of rational debate, the Left engage in name calling and labelling of anyone who disagrees with them as some sort of bigot. If they actually do end up hearing what you have to say, they will work themselves up into paroxysms of anger just because you have a different opinion. How often in your conversations with a Leftist have they mentioned that they’re ‘outraged’ by what you’ve said.

The Left, including important members of Congress even call for violence against the President and harassment against those who work for him. Some people have thought about blowing up the White House and others want the USA to collapse economically so that they can get their way and remove Trump from office.

Yes, they’re angry.

And I want to examine why.

I think there are three factors at play. Some people will use all of them and others only some of them.

  1. Because it works

If you’re listening to a debate who is right and who is wrong?

Easy, the person who is right is right and the person who is wrong is wrong. Just use your brain to listen to what’s being said and analyse if it’s right or wrong. What could be simpler?

Well that’s very good if you have a brain. But for many people deciding who is right and who is wrong is simply a matter of who is more upset, angry, or outraged. The more outraged you are the more correct you must be. The fact that the other person is not angry about what they are saying, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are wrong.

Yes, being angry is in the minds of many, all the proof you need of the angry person’s rightness. Which is why when you don’t have reason and logic on your side you can always resort to being angry as many people will accept that in lieu of facts, evidence and critical thinking.

Also being angry often means you get your way.

If you don’t want a particular speaker to come and speak on your campus, just threaten the administration with protests, legal action and the like and watch how they cravenly cave in to all your demands.

Name calling also works a treat. That’s why it forms the vast majority of things a Leftist says. That’s why Hillary Clinton called half of Donald Trump’s supporters ‘deplorable’. She was hoping to frighten people into not voting for him. You see people have been conditioned to fear being called a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe and the plethora of names available to your local leftist to beat you over the head with. Many people will do anything to avoid one of the most damaging and harmful things in the world – being given one of those titles, and to avoid it will allow the Left to have their way.

Now this only works for the Left. If a conservative would become angry or name call they wouldn’t be seen as correct. In fact the exact opposite would occur. An angry conservative in the mind of a Leftist is ironically, proof of their wrongness. Which is why the first question Trevor Noah asked Tomi Lahren in his interview was why she was so angry, even though the Left are angry all the time! Unbelievable unawareness. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

Of course the Left don’t think they’re hypocritical. They will claim that anger is bad and they will therefore criticise any conservatives who behave that way. However, they will maintain that their own displays of anger are entirely justified. After all, there are many circumstances when everyone would agree that it is legitimate to become angry, when it’s acceptable, if not necessary, and interestingly, these conditions only exist each time a leftist becomes angry.

And these circumstances lead us to the second factor at play in the anger of the Left.

  1. Because they think they’re being moral

The truth is they think they are right to be angry. After all, it’s a righteous anger, virtuous anger, the anger of the good and the just. You’ve just put another Hitler into the White House. We all know what happened the last time Hitler was in power and nobody did anything until it was too late. The Germans should have done anything to remove him from power including harassing Nazi’s and blowing up the Reichstag. They may have done nothing but the Left believe it is their moral obligation to do what the German’s failed to do. Yes violence is usually wrong, economic collapse on its own is bad, but the death and destruction the evil Trump will cause completely justifies it.

Of course all this hinges on the Left’s tenuous belief that Trump is as bad as Hitler. Hence they’re constantly referring to him as such, hoping that the idea they are trying to convey – that Trump is as evil as Hitler, will seep into the national consciousness and be accepted by all the easily influenced masses. The media can be relied upon to blow everything Trump says out of proportion and conclude that he’s completely evil, which in turn can be used to justify any behaviour to remove him from office, like the German’s should have done with Hitler!

This works with anything. Your speaker is going to be saying hate speech, therefore I can riot.


The question is how can the Left not see that in order to, perhaps even correctly, justify what would otherwise be appalling behaviour, they have to claim the moral high ground and prove the other person morally inferior in a way that ignores reason and logic and relies on such dubious arguments that they have ended up with broadening the parameters of hate speech and resorting to claiming absurd ideas like misgendering is discrimination and violence?

This makes far more sense when you see how their minds are (not) working.

We shall make use of arguments that I have put forward and explained in far too much detail in other articles.

As has been suggested in The Mistake In Logic, a desperate desire to be moral has arisen in this day and age especially the morality of believing in and promoting every type of equality, and because superficial morality is easier, that’s the type of morality many people accept as what they need to believe, in order to be virtuous.

As has been suggested in The Insanity Of The Left and The Hypocrisy of the Left respectively, there are two ways to arrive at a conclusion or to apply principles to support your point. The first way is by using reason and logic. The second way is by deciding what you want to be true and believing it or finding any principle that would support your point without thinking or caring about how it would apply to other comparable cases. All of us start by using the first way, but Leftists reserve the right to use the second way when reason and logic conflict with their more important ideology of being moral.

Putting this all together things become clear.


Leftists need to see themselves as moral. They have chosen the easy and superficial path where anything that remotely looks like equality is right. So they will believe in White Privilege, Equality of Outcome, banning hate speech, and that misgendering is discrimination and violence because they superficially seem to create equality.

As for arguments that disprove their points, well we’re dealing with their more important ideology of morality now, and that means they can turn off their brains to any inconvenient reason and logic. In fact they will wonder why you have not done the same and are instead opting to accept the less moral belief. Since you have chosen the wrong and immoral belief then you must therefore, be evil!

And that’s why they are so angry with you. You would also be angry if someone would decide, for no sensible reason that you could see, that murder and rape were morally acceptable. And that’s all that’s going on here. The Left cannot fathom why you don’t consider a lack of equality of outcome to be a morally reprehensible situation.

Being more moral than someone else gives you permission if not an obligation to be angry with them, protest them and maybe even violent towards them.

For some the anger will be proof of their own desperately needed moral virtue.

For others it will be an excuse for their despicable behaviour.

Which leads us nicely onto the third reason why the Left are so angry.

  1. It gives them permission to bully other people

You see there’s a huge problem living in a civilised society.

We may have running water, we may have so much food that some people have to pretend the obesity epidemic is just another normal body shape, we may have such a vastly superior health care that our life expectancy has more than doubled over that last two or three centuries, we may have more security and safety living in countries where it’s illegal for mobs to randomly lynch you on some suspicion of being a witch, we may have created a free and democratic society that allows everyone the opportunity to pursue whatever it is they want, we may have the kind of comfort and luxuries our ancestors could never even have conceived, and we may have pocket-sized machines that can give us access to the entire world for free.

But there’s still a major problem.

There are a lot of people who like hurting others.

I’m not talking about murderers and violent criminals who like killing and torture, I’m talking about regular people who are not interested in committing crimes or being too nasty, but wouldn’t mind once in a while punching someone they don’t like in the face. And for those who don’t like physical confrontation, verbally assaulting someone and using whatever tools they can to ruin their lives.

It was far easier to behave that way when discrimination and the Rule Of Law weren’t taken so seriously, but nowadays, in the civilised society we’ve created, it’s just not considered appropriate anymore.

But don’t worry, there is a solution.

You see bad behaviour is only wrong if it’s committed against an innocent person. But if the person is guilty of having a lower moral standard than you, then one is permitted if not obligated to carry out these otherwise appalling behaviours against them.

That just leaves the pesky problem of proving you are morally superior and that they are racists, bigots, sexists, homophobes and whatever name has been invented to ensure you can find someone amongst the dwindling number of actual racists, who is more evil than you and who you can therefore bully.

So some people become morally outraged as a kind of license for what under normal circumstances would be criminal or unacceptable behaviour against another person.

In fact others may feel they had better get angry to ensure no one sees them as morally inferior and puts them on the receiving end of all that repressed hate, anger and violence.


There is another completely different situation where a Leftist may become utterly enraged.

And that is when you prove them wrong.

Oh yes, that makes them really angry.

Really really angry.

Possibly even angrier than merely hearing a different opinion.

Because it’s one thing to take the moral high ground and be angry at all the less moral people, but it’s quite another thing when you learn you’re one of those less moral people yourself.

Normal people don’t understand this. But remember these people have a need to be moral and that has led them to be angry at all those they think are less moral than them. I’m not suggesting they will feel bad for what they have done to others once it’s been unquestionably demonstrated that they are after all not moral and have therefore been unspeakably appalling to those they considered less moral than themselves, and that will create another type of anger. No. That would require a real moral standard, the ability to think and the desire to be a decent human being. Nor am I suggesting a kind of self-anger, that since it’s moral to be angry at the less moral, now they know they are less moral, it’s moral to be angry at themselves. That would be unnecessarily complicated and wrong because their anger is not directed at themselves, but at the person who proved them less moral. Their anger is a consequence of having thought of themselves as the epitome of moral virtue and now being proven as less moral all along and to never have had the moral high ground they believe is critical to being a good person and tried so desperately to achieve.

Also, don’t forget, all those people they thought were less moral than them, they will now realise are actually more moral than them. That will hurt. And make them super angry.

And ironically their anger at this only serves as further evidence of their low moral character.

It goes a little bit further.

Remember how we suggested that for some, when it comes to morality there is no reason and logic, just choosing the correct belief, well that creates a huge problem if they are ever shown to be completely wrong.

If you choose a belief based on reason and logic while it will certainly be embarrassing to be proven wrong, it will only show you made a mistake in your calculations. Maybe you didn’t know some crucial piece of information, maybe you evaluated a piece of evidence wrongly, maybe there was something wrong in your analysis, maybe you didn’t think of something that when factored in will change everything. But at the end of the day, it’s just a mistake, it’s not the end of the world. Everyone makes mistakes, we are after all, only human.

But if you are mistaken about a choice between good and bad, right and wrong, then that is not a mistake in calculation. No, it’s a completely different type of mistake. You see in a choice based on what you think is more moral any mistake will come not from calculation and assessment like it does in a choice based on reason and logic, but from however you decide what is good and what is bad. And that is something far more intrinsic to who you are than some calculation and assessment of external facts. The decision will come from your essence, from your core, from your soul – should you have one. From your fundamental being.

When you prove such a person to be morally wrong you literally destroy them. You will have proven the most fundamental part of them to be rotten and putrid. Their moral compass will have been shown to be pointing in the wrong direction.

The pain of being destroyed so completely will cause such a person to lash out in a storm of anger so fierce that no metaphor would be enough to express it. At least no metaphor that I can think of at the moment.

How lazy is that writing? Not only did I not try to think of a perfect metaphor, but I didn’t bother to change the sentence structure so that it didn’t need one in the first place and so disguise my laziness or inability to think of good metaphors.

One second I’m getting something. The pain …  being destroyed … will cause … to lash out in a storm of anger so fierce that it will make … nope its gone.

Got it. Power a small city.

Nope. Already used it at the beginning of this article.

The point is they will be very angry.

So we’ve seen the reasons why the Left become angry with different opinions and the reasons why the Left become angry when they are proven wrong.

And we can use the anger of the Left for ourselves in a number of ways. Firstly, because it alienates all the neutral people and ensures that any reasonable people will keep their distance. It may even be the catalyst that encourages the normal amongst us to enquire about a point of view that can make some people completely take leave of their senses. Secondly, we can use any anger that arises after we have expressed our opinions or ideas as an indication that our brains are functioning properly and as a litmus test of whether a Leftist deep down realises they are wrong, however much they deny it.

Don’t be afraid of their anger. As my mother used to say “that bee is more afraid of you than you are of it. And at 25 years old do you really think screaming like that is normal?” Yes the Left are afraid. It’s the fear of all those who are superficial. They are afraid that a closer look will reveal a lack of any actual morality and that leads to all that anger and hatred.

No, I’m not suggesting we feel sorry for them and try to help them change from being the psychological mess they are to becoming well-adjusted human beings. You can if you want. I’m not stopping you, but I don’t think you’ll succeed. If you do, let me know, I shall be most interested to hear how you achieved this miracle. What I am suggesting is that we face the anger, call them out for it, and make them even more angry by proving them wrong.

If we do, they’ll burn through all their anger at a much faster rate than usual.

And the sooner they do that, the sooner we’ll be able to start having a normal conversation.

Sam Taylor

I'm Sam Taylor. I don't really like pointing out stupidity when I see it, but I'm going to. It's my way of reaching out to those who can actually think.

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